June 02, 2014

muji acrylic jewellery box

I'd been hunting for the perfect jewellery box for literally years until I came across this beauty, before this all I could seem to find were old fashioned versions and literally nothing at all pleasing to the eye. I don't have much of a jewellery collection as I tend to just stick to staple pieces so this small sized box is absolutely perfect for me. I love how with it being acrylic you can still see everything shining through from inside, I'm a big fan of the grey velvet inserts too as they go with my watch organiser which you can have a look at in this post. I'd most definitely recommend getting your hands on one as not only does it look sophisticated and right on-trend but it's completely affordable too. 


  1. I've looked at these in Muji before and wondered what they would be like. Your pictures have sold me :)
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  2. I've seen so many bloggers rave about the muji acrylic boxes but have only ever seen them being used for storing makeup - but this is such a good idea! Love it, I really need to get some of their storage boxes.
    Nicola x (@itsneecola)

  3. I love my Muji storage, I definitely want to get another one for my jewellery!


  4. That looks gorgeous - might have to get myself one! x