April 26, 2017

the angel hotel, bury st edmunds

If any of you have had a read of my blog post on the Salthouse Harbour Hotel around this time last year, you'll have spotted the same copper bath in both posts. Both hotels are by the same brand, and share similar design, menus and service. 

I studied at college in Bury St Edmunds years ago, so I'm more than familiar with the town itself. I always like to go back for a visit to the Christmas market and for a chill out in the Abbey Gardens around spring/summer time. 

Back to the hotel. We stayed in their top of the range fancy pants contemporary suite, which is blessed with the biggest bathroom I've ever wandered into, with an oversized bath and shower to match. The bed is fit for a giant, and has the squishiest pillows, duvet and mattress ever made. Perfect to jump back into after overindulging on afternoon tea. 

The breakfast is of top quality but lacking in the option of a vegetarian sausage or some form of meat substitute. I no longer eat dairy or eggs so after passing mine over to my other half felt rather underwhelmed with what I had left. The croissants also arrived cold, which in a luxury hotel isn't what I'd hope for. 

If you're looking for a new town in a different county to explore, I'd definitely recommend giving The Angel a thought. There's an underground cocktail bar that serves a long list of drinks and makes for a fun evening, be it midweek or weekend. They also offer a wonderful afternoon tea if you're a fan of cake and loose leaf tea, I'd highly recommend opting for the vanilla green tea which I'm still craving as I write this. 


February 26, 2017

finding my way back to healthy living

With winter finally on its way out and my deposit just paid for a holiday to Croatia this summer, I figured it was prime time to snap out of hibernation mode and get back on a health kick. I'm now over six weeks into giving up dairy, and I walk past the cheese aisle without a second thought and have gone from being the biggest pizza addict of all time to having no interest in it. I've quit the gym that took me thirty minutes to drive to and cost almost £50 a month and instead I've joined one ten minutes away that's less than half the price. Although I loved being a member of a fancy gym once I was there, the distance and cost involved made me lose motivation to go most of the time. As the new one is right next to my local supermarket, I'll have no excuse not to make it in three times a week. 

As much as I want to look banging in a bikini when the time comes for laying around by the pool in August, my main reason for wanting to tone up and lose a few inches is for general fitness and wellbeing. I'd absolutely never advocate any sort of temporary diet that claims to shift weight in a short amount of time, I'm all for ditching the scales and focusing on building muscle and using tape measurements instead. The longer you allow yourself to slowly make a lifestyle change rather than monitoring calories, the more you'll still be able to enjoy healthy fats and the odd biscuit or two.

I've completely given up sugary drinks in favour of lemon infused water straight out of the fridge and filtered using my Brita water jug. I'm addicted to the crisp, zesty taste and always down a glass as soon as I wake up. My top tip is to drink lemon infused water with meals and follow up with a cup of green tea once you're finished to ensure your body is kept on top form.

The jug fits 1.4 litres, which makes racking up the daily recommend amount of 8 cups a breeze. The cartridges last around two months before needing to be replaced and it's equipped with a digital display to let you know once it needs to be changed. It gets a big thumbs up from me, and that's not just because it's gold and glittery.

Milo is never happier than when I'm on a fitness plan as it means longer walks in the countryside for him. Pups are most definitely the best kind of outdoor gym buddy. 

This post was sponsored by Brita. 

January 24, 2017

barbican conservatory

If you read my last post on my newly introduced spending ban, you'll know by now that I'm on a tight budget and after searching around for free things to do in the London, I opted for the promise of rooms full of succulents at Barbican Conservatory. It was a truly wet and miserable afternoon, which suited the grungy grey tones of Barbican perfectly, and after a wander round the estate I now have my eye on a handful of apartments that have all become property goals. 


Barbican conservatory is open every Sunday, and once you've found your way through the jungle of plants, there's plenty still left to do in the centre itself. If you're under 25, there's the option of signing up to young barbican for discounted access into exhibitions and films.