Simple Ways to Set Yourself Up for a Better Sleep

The Leesa Double Mattress

Hands up if it’s about time that you upgraded your mattress. Before Leesa blessed my life with a new mattress, I’d spent a few uncomfortable years trying to make do with a low quality version that offered my back no support and had most definitely outstayed its welcome. Check out my full review of the Leesa mattress here.

Three and a bit years on from my upgrade to Leesa, I’ve been enjoying my mattress ever since and have been so impressed with the quality it has given to my sleep. The Leesa mattress offers just the right amount of firm support, whilst being soft enough to sink into and get cosy. It’s impossible to tell that it isn’t brand new as the quality has remained at the same high standard same since day one.

Leesa Double Mattress Review

The Leesa Pillow

Not only do Leesa make brilliant mattresses, they now have pillows too. Free from feathers, built with memory foam and designed to keep cool, the Leesa pillow ticks all boxes. Down pillows are unhygienic, cruel and often lack support for the neck and back, so I’m thrilled to have found such a great alternative.

I tend to overheat at night and constantly switch between pillows so I’m a huge fan of the keep cool technology built into the Leesa pillow. I’ve also noticed that it’s much easier to get straight into a comfy position before sleep and that my neck is no longer feeling strained on a morning too.

Leesa Pillow ReviewSimple Ways to Set Yourself Up for a Better Sleep

Tips for getting a better sleep

To get the best night’s sleep, unwinding around bedtime is absolutely key. Think of your evening as a slow descent into relaxation mode. This is prime time to put your mind at ease, put the stresses of the day to one side, and to give yourself the best chance at drifting off. If you find yourself tossing and turning while worrying about the hours counting down until you have to get up in the morning, I have just the tips to sort you out.

• Turn your phone off – Give your bedroom back it’s purpose and ban devices from bedtime. It’s so tempting to scroll the night away, but trust me, your phone is your worst enemy when it comes to getting sleep. The blue light emitted by screens tricks the brain into interpreting it as daylight, essentially putting your entire sleep cycle out of whack. If you’re brain tends to still feel active at night, engage it into reading a book instead.

• Don’t eat after 9pm – Ok, I say this as a repeat offender when it comes to snacking on instant noodles way into the night, but hear me out. Giving your body a form of energy just before your head hits the pillow is a recipe for disaster and increases the chance of bad dreams too. No thanks!

• Drink a herbal tea – Chamomile tea is my saviour for when I’m feeling stressed, anxious or just need some assistance in chilling out.

• Run a luxurious bath – I opt for epsom salts, an arnica bubble bath, or a herbal blend oil if I’m in need of some me time. Always paired with a scented soy wax candle, of course.

• Buy a himalayan salt lamp – Mine has a brightness dial so that I can slowly adjust it to get darker throughout the evening. There’s something about the warm glow of a salt lamp that puts me straight at ease.

• Try CBD oil – I swear by the power of CBD oil and always keep a bottle near for when I simply can’t afford to lose out on sleep. It works wonders for helping to nod off if you have big plans for the next day.

• Keep your bedroom tidy – As mundane as it sounds, a tidy room works wonders on a stressed out mind. I always feel so overwhelmed when my room is in a state and instantly more calm when my space is cleared.

Leesa Pillow Review

Leesa are currently giving two free pillows with the purchase of any mattress, so get in there while you can. They also offer a sleep trial, giving you 100 nights to decide if the mattress is for you, along with a free returns policy. Winner!

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