The Salthouse Harbour Hotel, Ipswich

On Sunday, I headed down to Ipswich for a one night stay at the Salthouse Harbour Hotel. I’ve only ever been to the city very briefly before and had never been down to the marina, so it was truly wonderful to have a room that looked right out onto the water. I felt right at home given the quirky styling and huge copper bath right next to one of the comfiest beds I’ve ever jumped into.

With the hotel being so central, there’s plenty to keep you occupied with in the city, or you can take a short drive to a beach in Suffolk for the day. I played it pretty chilled and relaxed in the room for most of the afternoon and then went out for a delicious meal at Aqua Eight.

After the sun had gone down I ran myself a huge bubble bath and watched all of the lights twinkling from the boats in the marina. I’ve been in a fair few decadent baths in my time, but this one is by far my absolute favourite.

The Sail Loft Marina room (with the copper bath!) is currently priced at £141 for a Sunday night, and I really do recommend a trip to discover the hotel for yourself. Plus I shouldn’t forget to mention that they do a cracking breakfast too.

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