Navigating Through a Quarter-life Crisis

This is my first think piece style post in for as long as I can remember, so forgive me if I waffle. Truth is, I have no idea how to approach a post like this but I’m hoping it will resonate with a few of you. I’m going to keep it fairly brief as a…

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Milo’s Favourite Food

When it comes to spending on Milo, I’m one for splurging more on toys rather than the food that he eats. It may sounds silly, but I just never thought about the nutritional value of what’s found on the supermarket shelf versus the higher end and better quality brands. Soon after the lovely people over…

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Meet Milo

There’s a brand new puppy in town; he’s a chihuahua/dachshund cross and is coming up to 10 weeks old and today is his second full day with us. As you can see he is a very unique dappled grey colour with lots of black markings along with a little white neck and socks. In my…

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