Aluminium Free Deodorants That Really Work

I stopped using deodorants containing aluminium a couple of years ago and haven’t looked back since. I’d feared that I may not end up selling quite as fresh, but in fact I’ve found that the process of using aluminium free deodorants has been way more effective. I’ve also noticed that I no longer get the…

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Skincare Sunday 03

It’s been far too long since I last shared my current skincare faves with you. I recently spotted this genius skincare organiser thanks to Gemma and couldn’t wait to order one. Usually my skincare products end up split between my bedside table, dresser, bathroom, gym bag and office with no logic as to what has ended…

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The Cruelty Free Christmas Gift Guide

I’ve been debating putting together Christmas gift guides this year after becoming more conscious about consumerism and buying endless stuff that none of us really need. That said, I am not a fun sponge enough to not still love the enjoyment of giving thoughtful gifts at Christmas, and this year thought I’d theme my guides…

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