5 Island Boat Tour in Croatia

Just one more Croatia post to go, sigh. Hasn’t the summer disappeared at an alarming rate this year? Luckily I’ve saved the best post until last. A look into a 5 Island Boat Tour in Croatia around the islands close to Split.

Setting off at 6.45am from Trogir, the speedboat reaches the blue cave for opening time at 7.30am. We were lucky in that our boat was one of the first to arrive, meaning that we were in and out in lightning speed. Unlike the groups that docked after us and had to wait over an hour. As beautiful as the crystal blue waters of the cave were, it was ruined by the crowds and isn’t somewhere I’d recommend visiting. I’m more of an off the beaten track kinda gal.

Next up was Stiniva Cove, which although matched the blue cave in business, had a party atmosphere that kept us in good spirits. I’ve had a fear of jumping into the deep ocean all of my life which I nailed on this trip. Imagining the world of sea creatures going about their life beneath your feet is just so magical.

5 Island Boat Tour from Trogir, Croatia5 Island Boat Tour from Trogir, CroatiaIMG_0675-2

Our first taste of dry land was the fishing village of Komiža on Vis island. It was late morning by this point so perfect timing to pull up a chair in a cafe along the marina and to sip a coffee whilst watching the world go by. Or a glass of wine depending on how much you like to immerse yourself into holiday life.

5 Island Boat Tour from Trogir, CroatiaIMG_0662-25 Island Boat Tour from Trogir, Croatiar001-005

Once it reaches early afternoon, you’ll find yourself at Turquoise Lagoon on Budikovac Island. A beautiful spot for snorkelling, paddling or simply to nap in the sunshine.

lagoooon5 Island Boat Tour from Trogir, Croatia

The final stop is Hvar. The highlight of my entire trip to Croatia. Does it get more chic than luxury boutiques and hotels lining a yacht filled marina? Throw in a few palm trees and it soon feels like you’re wandering around a film set. Especially if you spot Angelina Jolie who is said to be a frequent visitor of the island.

5 Island Boat Tour from Trogir, Croatia

Believe me when I say you can’t visit the island without stopping off for lunch at Fig. With vegan and vegetarian options, it’s the best fresh tasting food you’ll likely have all holiday. I still dream of the chimmichurri fried potatoes to this day.

Fig Restaurant, Hvar, Croatia 5 Island Boat Tour from Trogir, Croatia5 Island Boat Tour from Trogir, Croatia

The boat trip is roughly 10 hours in total and prices start from around £100 per person with Providenca Charter. If the size of your group is larger than 3-4 it’s well worth considering a private tour!

For an idea of where to stay near to Split, check out this post.

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