Quad Biking on Ciovo Island

For our first excursion of the holiday, we decided on a quad bike adventure with the optional addition of a swim at a secluded beach. The last time I had been quad biking was at at Centre Parcs aged 13 but the fun I had then was what spurred me on to do it again.


The three hour tour takes you all through the winding tracks atop the mountains. By far the best way to get a full view of the surrounding islands. Just don’t bother wearing anything that you want to wear again for the rest of the holiday as the dust won’t come out for weeks.


After hours in the baking sunshine and just when you notice that you’re covered head to toe in dust, the quads are led down to a small cove so that everyone can plunge straight into the cool waters. I don’t think I’d ever been as happy to wash off in my entire life.


One adult per quad is priced at around £42 for 2 hours without swimming and £54 for 3 hours with swimming. If you’re staying in the area at peak summer, have a look at the weather forecast and choose a cloudy day so that it won’t get unbearably hot!

For ideas of what to get up to on the island, check my posts on the 5 Island Boat Tour and Krka National Park.


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