The Cruelty Free Christmas Gift Guide


I’ve been debating putting together Christmas gift guides this year after becoming more conscious about consumerism and buying endless stuff that none of us really need. That said, I am not a fun sponge enough to not still love the enjoyment of giving thoughtful gifts at Christmas, and this year thought I’d theme my guides around mainly ethical, independent brands and quirky ideas that aren’t posted all over Instagram and in every shop window.

Before you get started in reading this guide, make sure you check out my Christmas content from the past too. I have lots more gift guides and some tasty treat ideas.

Cruelty Free Christmas Gift Guide

I’ve once and for all come to the decision that as of 2019 my blog will only feature cruelty free brands that don’t sell in mainland China. I have a post all about this coming up, but for now, what a better way to kick off my gift guides than with a selection of wonderful completely cruelty free products. I’ve tried to include something for every price range, be it sensible or hefty.


Tropic Pure Lagoon Blemish Prevention Serum, £42 – Tropic is fast becoming one of my favourite cruelty free skincare brands. All of their products are vegan, free from toxic chemicals and include high quality, natural ingredients. It’s a big thumbs up from me. I’m a big fan of this serum as I find it completely eliminates those annoying tiny bumps around the t-zone area.

Emulsion Face Base Cream, £30 – If you know someone who takes their skincare ingredients seriously, and has a creative side, this is the gift for them. Emulsion have pulled off a genius move in producing a customisable skincare range. You read that right. It’s a bit like those cosmetic lab sets you used to always want for Christmas as a kid, but all grown up.

Tropic Lip Fudge Collection, £24 –  This cute lip balm trio is a really thoughtful gift given how much this time of year dries our skin out, you could also divide them up if you have lots of stockings to fill up.

Fushi Heavenly Rose and Jasmine Complete Bodycare Collection, £35 – We all know of someone who is rushed off their feet and in need of some more me time. Give them a gentle nudge in the right direction with this nourishing bodycare collection, formulated with fresh-pressed oils and fresh-ground herbs.

Malin + Goetz Votive, £16 – There is no faster way to my heart than through a luxury candle. You’ve heard of crazy cat ladies, well here is the crazy candle lady. I know a well crafted candle when I smell it, and these three have the cosy night indoors scene nailed. The Verbier scent is sultry, Tobacco enticing and Dark Rum warming. Think sophisticated yet edgy. You can grab them in a trio set or separately for a smaller gift.

Clean Reserve Avant Garden Galbanum & Rain Eau de Parfum, £129 – I could go on and on about this brand. The bottle of the perfume is recycled and recyclable, the materials used are all sustainable and the ingredients are non-toxic. Even the plastic wrapper is compostable. The perfume itself is an unusual balance of peppery, musky and dewy all rolled into one scent. Just one spray on each wrist and one on the neck lingers all day long and reels in the compliments. The complexity of the notes in the fragrance result in a distinctive yet subtle “you smell great” finish, rather than having an overpowering element as with most perfumes. I’ve tried Muguet & Skin too, also from the Avant Garden Collection, which is truly top notch and a secret that I was so tempted to keep to myself. The price point may seem a little nuts, but believe me, once you invest you will never look at perfume in the same way again. I for one would much rather spend more on one bottle of superior quality that lasts well over a year than lots of cheaper bottles with nasty ingredients.

Wilnelia Forsyth Coquito Candle, £55 – Christmas candles can often be too overpowering and heavily spiced for my liking, but this coconut, tonka, cinnamon, nutmeg and rum candle combines all of my favourite festive scents. Perfect for cosy nights by the fire with a mug of hot choc.

MOA Fortifying Green Bath Potion, £27.50 – I take bathing seriously. There has to be candles, a face mask, chilled music and a mountain of bubbles involved or I’m not interested. This herbal blend by MOA brings new levels to relaxation and unwinds the mind, body and soul. I love giving gifts that promote wellbeing and would be equally as thrilled to find this under the tree.

Rodin Face Oil Coffret, £50 – I think it’s fair to say that this set gets top marks for packaging. I’m of the firm belief that a high quality oil is the most important part of every skincare regime, followed on from a good cleanser. A high quality oil is always worth spending a little extra on, and worth keeping in mind if you’re searching for a truly special gift for someone.


Malin and Goetz Dog Shampoo, £24 – If you know of anyone that has furry friends, this is a great gift if you’re looking out for something a little different. My pups will be living the life of luxury when I bathe them in this!

Too Faced Better Than Sex Deluxe Ornament, £10 – I’ve been using this mascara religiously for the last year or so, along with the waterproof version, and think of no make-up fanatic that wouldn’t be delighted to find this in their stocking. I’m such a sucker for mini sized versions of my fave products.

White Lotus Double Sided Jade Roller, £36.99 – I’m sure you’ve all heard of the benefits of using a jade roller by now, and if not, I implore you to catch up with the rest of us. Known to stimulate oxygenated blood flow and promote cell recovery, regeneration and healing, this ancient Chinese practice is the ultimate youth boosting treatment. I’ve been using my jade roller along with the organic serum for the last year or so, and I can truly say that my skin has never looked better. The roller comes in a beautiful presentation box complete with clear instructions, making it a wonderful gift for anyone yet to discover the benefits.

Murad No Times for Lines Set, £70 – Every year without fail, I give my mum a fancy skincare set at Christmas. She’s not one to indulge in expensive products, giving me even more of a reason to treat her. I figured this set from Murad is ideal for ladies of a certain age, and is kept nice and simple with two products she is certain to use over lots that she may not bother with. I can imagine the retinol serum in particular will be a big hit.

Bouclème Perfect Pair Stylers Gift Set, £28 – First off, how cute is this chic branding? I’ve been on the hunt for styling products for my naturally curly hair that are free of nasties for a good while and this set now has me covered. If you know of a curly girl yourself, she’ll be enterally grateful for such a genius gift.

Kate Somerville EradiKate Mask, £46 – Face masks are the ultimate skincare luxury and make for a wonderful gift. I’ve been using this for a couple of weeks now and have noticed a great improvement around my t-zone, making it ideal for anyone with troublesome skin.

Mio Future Proof Active Body Butter, £30 – This smells absolutely divine and is one of the best deeply moisturising body butters that I have come across. It leaves the skin feeling silky smooth and nourished without any oily residue.

Neal’s Yard Nourish and Uplift Bee Lovely Gift, £15 – Full credit goes to my mum for bagging a few of these sets in the recent sales. They make for beautiful secret santa gifts or for anyone that you’re not too sure what to buy for. You can never go wrong with a hand cream set!

IGK Pre Party Glitter Spray, £15 – Finally, a brand has brought back the glitter hairspray that I used to go overboard with before school discos. Be it on a more luxury scale. I fully intend to make my hair sparkly throughout the entire party season this year.

Cruelty free gift ideas

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