Navigating Through a Quarter-life Crisis

This is my first think piece style post in for as long as I can remember, so forgive me if I waffle. Truth is, I have no idea how to approach a post like this but I’m hoping it will resonate with a few of you. I’m going to keep it fairly brief as a way of dipping my toe back in the sea of sharing my thoughts with the online world.

As soon as I resentfully entered into my twenties, I started to feel immense pressure to instantly become a proper adult, which has been growing year by year. I’ve never had a full time job, still live at home and quit my degree after just one year. Even writing that sentence makes me feel like a soon to be failure of the real world.



My 24th birthday is fast approaching and with it I’ve started to allow myself to breathe and to learn to stop listening to the voice in my head that tells me I should have got my shit together by now. I’ve been blogging for eight years, have a business well on the way and study on a degree level course. Yet still, because I’m not in a serious job I find myself questioning my life choices far too often. It has recently dawned on me how imperative it is to tell that voice to fuck off and to carry on doing what I enjoy, in whatever capacity I feel the most capable of. Even if that means sending emails at 3am whilst covered in Oreo crumbs.

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Call it a mid-twenties life crisis, but I’m wearing my hair in pigtails, swearing in blog posts, having spontaneous piercings and reliving my teenage years before I get any closer to living the life of a proper adult. I spent most of my teenage years growing up far too quickly and having a wise head before it was good for me which goes some way to explain how I’m only just learning to stop scrutinising myself at every turn.

If we all had the mindset of a carefree teenager well into our twenties and thirties, I’m more than sure life would finding a way of making it all work out for us and without half of the mental battles. Play ignorant to the amount of candles on your birthday cake and taste life.

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