an evening with sir clive woodward

A couple of Fridays ago, I dressed up all fancy and made my way down to Norwich City Football club with my other half for an evening with Sir Clive Woodward, which involved a drinks reception overlooking the pitch followed by a three course meal at Delia’s restaurant

In honesty, I haven’t a clue about rugby or who does what, but my sport obsessed boyfriend was delighted at the prospect of a one-on-one chat with the man himself and was thrilled to have a professional photo taken with him. Even if it did mean me being awkwardly squashed in the middle of the two. 

Between courses was a low-key chatty interview with Clive, and with my lack of rugby knowledge aside, I still found really engaging. He had plenty of stories to tell surrounding his involvement in leading the England team to world cup victory in 2003, and the odd slither of juicy insider gossip too.      

As most of our dates usually involve the cinema or bowling, the evening made for the perfect excuse to dress up and enjoy something outside of the box. I live just a fifteen minute drive from the stadium and pass it by almost daily, so relished the opportunity of finally having a nosey inside, prosecco in hand and all.   

Delia’s regularly host events so it’s well worth keeping an eye on their Facebook page if you’re fairly local to the stadium and fancy an evening out. 

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