Try Out Deliveroo or Uber Eats This Weekend

Whilst staying in London last weekend, I finally got round to trying out Deliveroo for the first time. As my usual home is in rural Norfolk, there’s no such luxury of being able to pick from a mass of restaurants to be delivered in lightening speed.

I’m a big fan of how the stigma of takeaways always being calorie laden and greasy has now been altered with thanks to both Deliveroo and Uber Eats having healthy and nutritious options, my current favourite place to order from is Leon as I just can’t get enough of their halloumi wrap. A few of my Islington based faves are Homeburger (you must try their peanut butter and jam pie scraper), Wenlock and Essex (sourdough pizzas, score!) and Tortilla.

Deliveroo cover most cities in the UK, whereas Uber Eats deliver to major cities across the world. Depending on where you’re at, Uber Eats seem to have around double the choice of places to order from than Deliveroo, so I’d definitely recommend giving them a go too. I tend to switch between apps depending on what I fancy at the time.

DELIVEROO: £5 off your first order (or just sign up with a new account for each order) using the code: jessicart

UBER EATS: £5 off your first and second orders using the code: thebeautyseries

This isn’t a sponsored post but I receive a referral payment for everyone who orders from Deliveroo and who signs up to Uber Eats using my codes, kaching!

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