The Christmas Gift Guide: Bluebird Tea

Mulled Cider Cocktail Kit – £7.50

Hey, Sugar Plum – £6

Gingerbread Chai – £5.70

Snowball – £6

Christmas Cake Tea Bauble – £7

Amongst all of the Christmas themed goodies that have landed on my doorstep in the last couple of months, the most exciting of them all was the Christmas collection from Bluebird Tea Co. I’ve recently become an absolute addict when it comes to high quality teas, and have never looked in the direction of cheap dusty tea since. Since making friends with the guys over at Bluebird, I’ve been sent a fair few teas by them to test out but have also made many orders of my own to ensure I’m always stocked up. My all time favourites are Cherry Bakewell and Rooibos Earl Grey, which I drown myself in on a daily basis.

I’m so so impressed at how decently priced the whole range is and could easily see myself creating a Christmas themed tea hamper as a special gift for a family member. Luckily I’m the main tea obsessive in my family, so this lot is for keeps. I absolutely cannot wait to crack open the mulled cider kit after a frosty walk on the weekend.

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