Milo’s Favourite Food

When it comes to spending on Milo, I’m one for splurging more on toys rather than the food that he eats. It may sounds silly, but I just never thought about the nutritional value of what’s found on the supermarket shelf versus the higher end and better quality brands. Soon after the lovely people over at Beco and Lily’s Kitchen sent over some tasty food for him to give a try, I had an in-depth read of the packaging and have since been converted to the good stuff. Not only do I care about my little pal’s general health and wellbeing enough to want to fork out a little extra for the grub he scoffs, but I’ve never seen him wolf down a meal quicker than when he was given the fancy stuff.

Beco Dog Food

As he’s such a tiny little fella, he will only need one 2kg bag per month (along with half a can of wet food per day), which at ¬£14.99 is super value. His brother Billy is bigger in size and greedier in nature so will also be treated to a bag per month but with a full can of dog food throughout the day. Whilst this works out at double the price for their dry food than the brand they’re used to, it also works out at many times more for quality, and that’s the key. As someone who cares a lot for animals, I’m so impressed that animal welfare is taken into consideration for the food and is another big reason for me making the switch. I can only bang on about dog food for so long, but honestly, it really is so refreshing to see a brand actually putting a real and true effort into both the nutritional and ethical aspects of the food we feed our dogs.

If you fancy reading more about the benefits of Beco dog food and to order a free 100g sample pack for your pup, head to their website here.

Lily’s Kitchen Dog Food

Milo is also a big fan of Lily’s Kitchen canned food for his evening meals, and their Breakfast Crunch as his pup version of cereal. If I’m staying over in a dog friendly hotel or out for a pub lunch, I take along his harris tweed dog carrier and a few Lily’s Kitchen treats and snacks to keep him occupied.

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