the healthy series: weekly meal prep

I’m officially becoming a pro at meal prep. For one of the most unorganised people in the universe, I consider it quite the achievement. I haven’t got round to the boss level equivalent of meal prep that is making meals from scratch to freeze away, but I’m getting there. 

Usually on a Sunday morning, I have a good look through the fridge and see which vegetables need using up and then root through the freezer to check out the quorn I can cook up for the week ahead. I usually make two or three batches of either sausages, chicken pieces, mince or steak strips as they are filled with protein and are ideal to snack on or include in meals such as wraps, salads, stir frys and such on. I’m absolutely addicted to Reggae Reggae sauce and have found that it goes a dream with chicken pieces. Red’s Devil Wing Barbecue Sauce is also heavenly on sausages, burgers, halloumi and pretty much everything else. 

Talking of halloumi, it really is a tricky bugger to master the art of cooking it properly. I whack a griddle pan onto super high heat, with a little rapeseed oil, and find that the quicker they cook the less chewy and dense they become. I chop mine into fine slices to cook, and then into strips once they’re out the pan. 

The severely odd looking cake creations are my mum’s take on a Slimming World recipe that we’ve switched up the sweetener in the recipe for maple syrup, and the almond essence for vanilla. Although they look questionable to say the least, they’re actually pretty damn tasty and definitely satisfy any chocolate cravings.