the healthy series: meal prep

Probably the biggest struggle I’ve come across when it comes healthy eating is battling the temptation to whack a calorie filled ready meal in the oven or order a takeaway when I’m feeling too tired or simply don’t have the time to cook up a fresh meal. For the most part my freezer has been filled with either frozen chips, quorn products and frozen fruit for smoothies. I’ve ditched the chips because not only are they tasteless in comparison to my homemade and lower fat versions, but they take up far too much space. Instead of having a freezer full of food I leave in there for months on end, my new goal is to simply have in there what I want to use up within the next month or so and to be sure to use it all up. I’m a huge believer in efficiency and I absolutely can’t stand wasting food, so this new plan should work a treat. 

I’ve also been discovering far more freezer friendly home cooked foods so that I always have something healthy to pop in the oven or microwave. These little freezer bags from Ikea are absolutely ideal as it’s so easy to fill in what’s inside and the date that it was frozen. As far as plastic containers go, I’ve found that Asda have the best selection and are BPA free too. At some point I’m also going to invest in takeaway foil containers to fill with ready made meals such as shepherd’s pie and lasagna, #foodprepgoals. 

As a general rule, home cooked frozen meals will keep for around two months and if you’re wondering what you can and can’t freeze, just make homemade versions of the meals you see in the supermarket freezers. I’m going to write up all about meals you can prep to keep in the fridge for the week ahead and meals to freeze for the month very soon!