the healthy series: diet is a dirty word

It has been a fair few years since I shared any kind of healthy eating journey via my blog, mainly because I’ve been eating endless amounts of pizza in hope that gaining weight would never be a thing. Well it soon did become a thing, a 3 inches on the waist kind of thing to be in fact. Until recently I hadn’t weighed myself in years and had forgotten what a tape measure even looked like, it’s safe to say that I’ve now come to the conclusion that actively not monitoring my weight just isn’t the way. 

After getting over the sheer horror of piling on the pounds, I joined the rest of the vast majority of people starting a healthy eating plan in January. As if this isn’t already the worst month of the year hey. I’ve always been the same in that I absolutely refuse to consider any kind of plan under the “diet” category, I’m simply not interested in trying out the latest fad for short-term weight loss. As much as I love to indulge in junk food every now and then, I’m fully aware of the importance of integrating healthy eating back into your lifestyle and that it will become a lifelong thing rather than being a case of once I lose the weight I can then eat as much mac and cheese as I desire. 

Two weeks on from sticking to around 1,200 calories a day and closely tracking the grams of carbs, protein and fat that I intake per day, and I’ve lost an inch from my waistline. I’ve changed my mentality towards food and now see everything I eat as fuel for my body rather than overindulging in treats. I usually try to stick to a rule of 80% nutrition and 20% pleasure when it comes to food, meaning that if for example I make a pasta dish, I will use brown pasta, baked aubergine, fresh tomato sauce and pine nuts for the 80% nutrition and the 20% pleasure will come in the form of a sprinkle of feta cheese. I then use this same tactic for the food I eat within the day, 80% will be healthy meals and snacks, then I will have a treat such as a pack of mini cadbury fingers or a pack of walkers sunbites. For the whole week, the trick comes in once again and I try to eat healthily for 80% of it and then treat myself to a takeaway for one meal per week. But even with the takeaway, I will go for the healthiest option available. Let’s say I fancy a dominos (all of the time), I will now go for a medium thin and crispy version just on it’s own rather than a meal deal with a large classic crust pizza, wedges and garlic bread. 

Then there’s exercise. I’ve just signed up to virgin active which means I will be going three times a week and involving myself in classes as well as gym sessions and swimming. I’m also going to be going to tennis lessons in a month or so too. I truly do believe that a gym membership is essential to wellbeing and trust me when I say that after being a member again after a five year dip it has been the best thing I’ve done in a long time. 

I have so many ideas for healthy posts to share with you all, think recipes, my gym routine, tips and tricks along with snack ideas and smoothies too. I’d really love to hear what you’d be interested in reading about!