pumpkin picking and ghostbusters drive-in

Halloween has always been one of my favourite times of year, and I don’t ever let the fact I’m no longer the age for trick or treating let me from having lots of Halloween fun. This time round I went pumpkin picking for the first time ever, to a place that had a Halloween bouncy castle, pumpkin pie and soup for sale and a maize maze too. I absolutely cannot wait for the day I have a little one to dress up in a skeleton outfit to take along with me. Before the visit to pumpkin patch, we took the hounds for a walk in the forest as the weather was just so perfect. 

From trawling the internet, I could only find one pumpkin patch within the whole of East Anglia, which is absolute madness considering how much of a wonderful experience it is. This particular one was based in Lakenheath, which has a fairly large American community due to the airbase and probably explains the American style pumpkin patch. As we went on the day of Halloween, most of the best pumpkins had already been picked, leaving lots of bumpy and gnarly looking characters. Personally, I prefer them like that anyway. 

Midway through pumpkin choosing, we took a break with a slice of pumpkin pie and warm sugared donuts. I ate the latter too soon to photograph them, oops. 

I carved mine into a pixel face!

Later that evening, we went to a drive-in movie screening of Ghostbusters. The venue was based in a field next to a pub so naturally we had a few pints after parking up and waiting for the film to start. Throughout the film were staff in American bomber jackets delivering pizzas and nachos to everyone in their cars and along with our flask of hot chocolate it was the best way ever of spending Halloween evening.