Marrakech, Riad Papillon and Les Deux Tours

Although Marrakech seems like a million miles away now that Autumn is fully setting in, I’ve settled down back at home after Summer and have had ample time to put this blog post together featuring the two beautiful places that I stayed out whilst in Morocco. If you haven’t already read my main post, check it out here and come back once you’re done.

Riad Papillon is a traditional style warm and welcoming Riad tucked away down winding cobbled streets leading from the Souks. Although the location is central, once you enter the Riad it’s easy to forget that you are staying in one of the busiest cities in the world as it’s just so quiet and peaceful. Even sat out on the rooftop terrace we didn’t once hear any sounds of commotion. The manager takes care of everything and is always around to help you with anything you may need and to give you directions, and reads your mind whenever you are fancying a mint tea. They’ve even created an app filled with places to eat, a map of the Souks and shops to visit. Genius!

Our room was so quaint and cosy that as soon as we arrived in from the airport I took a quick nap to wind down. Although it’s in a traditional style, there’s still air con, a television (that you will be too busy to even glance at), a mini bar and the sweetest little shower room I’ve ever seen.

I don’t usually tend to be a ‘breakfast person’, and often just nibble at a croissant, but the Moroccans most definitely have strong breakfast game and I made sure to indulge in clearing my plate each morning. Fig jam on local traditional bread, pancakes, poached eggs, fruit salad, yoghurt, freshly squeezed orange juice and a pot of mint tea meant I had the perfect start to the day.

After three nights in the Riad, we said our goodbyes to the other holiday goers we’d made friends with, along the wonderful staff and headed to our next stop.

Les Deux Tours is a short drive away from the city nestled between the cacti and camels of the desert and is what I can best describe as a luxurious and elegant oasis of calm. You know the kind of hotel you walk into and think in your head “I’ve arrived”, this place is exactly that feeling, again and again. Our room overlooked the gardens and was without a doubt the greatest that I’ve ever stayed in.

The grounds of the hotel are covered in unusual plants, trees and flowers, with winding little paths taking you from the vegetable patch, to the pool, and all the way back to your room again. Along the way are ponds filled with turtles, cats basking in the sunshine and a bunch of sleepy goats.

We planned on venturing out into the city once more before leaving, but fell so in love with the pool and sunbathing with a cocktail in hand that we just couldn’t bare to drag ourselves away. That and indulging in an Argan oil full body massage.

Hanging out at Les Deux Tours made me feel so at peace and as if I had completely escaped from the real world for a short while. I’ve always found that whenever I find a special place like that, I cannot help but return once again and fully intend on doing so in a few years.

Should you be considering a trip to Marrakech, I truly recommend going for a two centred stay as I did. You will then have chance to immerse yourself into the city and meet the locals, before retreating away to the calm and serenity of a hotel with a bounty of space and a pool to dive into. |

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