aldeburgh food festival buys

Every year without fail, I make the hour trip to Aldeburgh Food Festival which is by far one of my favourite events. I didn’t take photos this time as I took loads for a blog post last year, so instead decided to show you what I bought. All of the brands are local to Norfolk/Suffolk but most can be bought online too. 


Hillfarm Garlic Mayonnaise (£3.59) | This mayo has a mighty powerful garlic twang and is the perfect partner for a plate of chips.

Hodmedod’s Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar Fava Beans (£2.29) | Roasted broad beans have become my new favourite healthy snack so I was thrilled to spot this salt and vinegar version. They are even tastier than crisps!

Purely Saucy Scotch Bonnet Chilli Sauce | I put Tabasco on pretty much everything, being the chilli kick craver that I am, but have found myself wanting to try something even hotter which is where this purchase came in. 

Purely Pesto Sundried Tomato | More tasty pesto, enough said. 

Purely Pesto Pea Shoot | I’m completely addicted to regular pesto and have it at least once a week with pasta, but decided to go for a change this time with the pea shoot version. It’s much lighter tasting than regular pesto and goes wonderfully with a sprinkle of feta cheese.  

Pump Street Bakery Chocolate Shavings (£10) | At the festival were hot chocolate shots, which tasted beyond incredible to the point I just had to buy this huge jar full of shavings to be able to make the same at home. I’m going to make sure that from now on I always have one of these stocked in my cupboard. 


St Peter’s Brewery Grapefruit Beer, Spelt Blonde & Honey Porter (£2.19 each) | Whenever I’m in the mood for a beer or lager, I opt for St Peter’s without fail. My favourite is their Grapefruit version which is too good for words, followed by the Honey Porter, a darker beer with a subtle chocolatey/cherry taste, and the Spelt Blonde, an all round great tasting light lager.  

Edward’s Cordial Rhubarb & Lavender (£4) | I don’t tend to be a lavender fan when it comes to food and drink, but in this cordial it’s ever so subtle and just balances the tartness of the rhubarb perfectly. It makes a nice change from Robinsons orange squash! Plus it can be used as an alcohol mixer too.