holiday clothes shopping

For the first time in four years (yes, really) I have not one, but two holidays coming up. The first is to Croatia in just over a week where we will be also taking a day trip to Venice for my 21st birthday. The second is to Marrakech at the end of August, and I can’t quite contain my excitement for both. Two holidays is of course the perfect excuse to go overboard when it comes to stocking up my summer wardrobe, but this year round I opted for most of it from H&M rather than spending a fortune in Topshop. I still have plenty of evening dresses already in my wardrobe so didn’t go too cray and instead went for daytime options. 

| H&M Watermelon Sequin Tee (£12.99)

| H&M Blue Patterned Dress (£7.99)   

| H&M Navy and Cream Floral Dress (£14.99)

| H&M Patterned Playsuit (£12.99)

| Jack Wills Tithby Playsuit (£49.50)

| H&M Anchor Sleeveless Top (£7.99)

 | H&M Oversized Tank Top (£12.99) – This is the perfect beach coverup!

| H&M Red Floral Dress (£12.99)

| H&M Navy Polka Dot Dress (£12.99)

| H&M Lace Crop Top (£12.99)

| Nike Stone Internationalist Trainers (£67) | Beach Towel: H&M (£12.99)

| Zara Metal Plate Flat Sandals (£22.99)

| Asos Twist Bandeau Bikini Top (£9) | Asos Contrast Brazilian Bikini Pant (£8)