six healthy eating ideas

A couple of days ago I decided that I was well and truly time to admit to myself that eating naughty treats needed to come to an abrupt end and make way for exercise and healthy eating. It’s been a long time since I gave myself any kind of healthy lifestyle plan and dreaming of a summer holiday comes hand in hand with dreaming of a body to go with it too. I’m a vegetarian so nothing I cook ever involves meat or fish meaning I have to think even harder when it comes to cooking up meals that don’t look like they are just fit for a rabbit.

I have a brand new Reebok ZR10 treadmill all set up in the spare room, I was slightly worried at first that it may be flimsy as it’s for at home use but I’ve been massively impressed by it so far and love how it’s of the same standard of any you’d find in a gym. I will put up a whole post about it along with my routine if anyone is interested.

1 | Grilled courgette and fresh pesto pasta | This dish isn’t the healthiest of the bunch but more of a treat meal to curb any cravings. I’d always recommend knocking up some fresh pesto over the stuff you can get in a jar since it’s far tastier and healthier too, I like to put plenty of pine nuts and lemon juice in mine. Brown pasta is a much better alternative to white too. 

2 | 5 out of 5 vegetable noodles | If you’re based in London and find yourself just too busy to cook up healthy meals every day then definitely check these guys out. You can order a subscription of meals to keep you going for the whole week and steer clear of any greasy fast food options. 

3 | Roasted sweet potato and wholegrain egg fried rice | I’ve been absolutely obsessed with this meal lately. I peel and chop up some sweet potato then drizzle it with rapeseed oil and whack it in a hot oven until it’s brown and tender. For the rice, I pop cooked rice into a frying pan and get it nice and warmed up then crack in an egg and take it straight off the heat so that it’s left silky and not chewy. Then I add a splash of soy sauce along with sweet chilli sauce to the sweet potato. 

4 | Mushed up avocado on wholegrain toast | This is my favourite ever snack with a good splash of Tabasco for a spicy kick. Talking of Tabasco, if you’re on any kind of healthy eating plan I’d highly recommend getting to like it and adding it to give a hint of heat to any dishes that may be bland without it. 

5 | Naked antioxidant smoothie | I like to drink a bottle of this for breakfast as I find it’s much easier than making my own and has tons of healthy ingredients packed inside. It keeps my hunger at bay all the way up until lunchtime and not to mention it tastes yummy too. I’m a big fan of the berry version too!

6 | Wholegrain pasta with spicy fresh tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes and feta cheese | I cooked this up for the first ever time today and pretty much made it up as I went along. I started with garlic in a small amount of oil, then added in San Marzano tomatoes (you all must try these) along with Tabasco and then poured it over cooked wholegrain pasta. Then I just topped it with cherry tomatoes and a sprinkle of feta cheese. I can’t even put into words how wonderful this one tasted, fresh and spicy yet healthy at the same time.

I’m very much in need of some more ideas so please do let me know what some of your favourite healthy meals are.