barcelona: things to do and see

Last week I spent five days in Barcelona for a trip with University. The weather was beautiful for each and every day meaning I had such an amazing time. We stayed at the Generator Hostel which was absolutely wonderful and I can’t recommend it enough both for value for money and general coolness. I’ve put together a couple of posts on all of the places I went and where I’d recommend too.
Barceloneta beach |

For my first day in Barcelona, I caught the metro and headed straight to the beach. With it being out of peak season the atmosphere was chilled and everywhere felt lacking in huge bunches of tourists. It’s definitely well worth taking a stroll along the full length of the sidewalk next to the beach to take everything in properly, the easiest way to do this is to use the W hotel as your start point and the Barcelona fish as the end, and then walk back again. If you go to sunbathe on the sand then just be sure to avoid any dodgy mojitos being sold or massages being offered. The marina is equally as beautiful to sit and chill by too.


Park Güell |

My favourite part of the trip to Barcelona was without a doubt Park Güell, both for the Gaudi architecture and the wonderful views of across the city and down to the beach. As Barcelona is a heavily populated city packed with buildings, the park feels like a sense of calm away from it all.

Entry fee: €8 (student)


Keep an eye out for street art |

The city is packed with street art and interesting graffiti along with stickers here there and everywhere. There’s pretty much something to take a photo of at every turn.


La Boqueria food market |

I’ve been to tons and tons of food markets in my time and usually prefer them to be outdoor but even so I’d say that the indoor food market is well worth a visit, if not just for the huge variety of fruit juices. Most of the market seems to be directed towards the locals rather than tourists which keeps it feeling authentic.


Monday-Saturday 08:00-20:30



Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya |

I always feel a little more cultured and well behaved if I’ve managed to visit a gallery or museum on a trip abroad. We headed to the art museum initially to see it from the outside but then couldn’t resist having a look round some exhibitions too which I found to be much more interesting than I’d anticipated. If you aren’t in an arty kind of mood then you still absolutely must give it a visit if only for the incredible water features and views of the city, not forgetting the pink birds.


Entry fee: €8.40 (student)



Museu del Disseny de Barcelona |

With being a graphic design student, a trip to the design museum went without saying. The building itself is ultra modern and a tiny cost allows you to visit three floors, the first for furniture design, the second for clothing and the third for posters and graphics. There is so much to look at and near enough every item being shown is of great taste.


Entry fee: €3 (student)



Sagrada Familia |

The biggest tourist hotspot and most obvious choice to tick off on a list of things to do is Sagrada Familia. The church has been under construction ever since it started life in 1882 and will be ongoing until at least 2026, which is pretty damn cray. Look up to the roof on the inside as in my opinion that’s the best part.


Entry fee: €9 (student)