how to | up your instagram game

Before I properly got to grips with Instagram and photo editing apps I’d spend ages being envious of how every other blogger seemed to have beautifully bright and vibrant photos. After having made a new rule to never shoot a photo straight through Instagram without editing it first, I think it’s safe to say there’s been a huge difference in the quality of those little square shaped photos that I put out there. Of course everyone has their own style when it comes to photo editing, some like warmth, while others prefer cool tones, and so on. 

I always have a checklist in my head of how I edit a photo. First (and most importantly) comes brightness; there’s rarely such thing as a good looking photo when the lighting is bad. Next up, I sharpen it up, then add a filter through but always tone it down so it’s only just noticeable. There’s nothing worse than a potentially nice photo that has been filtered to hell. I sometimes take the saturation down a little bit and add contrast but that’s about it. 

When it comes to editing apps that I’d recommend, oddly enough I use Facetune on a daily basis to add in brightness to all of my photos. Although it’s supposed to be for smoothing out selfies, the brightness options on there seem to work better than any of my other apps. I always choose filters from VSCOcam, they are the easiest to use and give the best results by far. For any final tweaks I just whack the photo straight into Instagram and play around with it a final time before it gets published. 

There is rarely a badly lit photo that can’t be saved with the help of a bit of clever editing, you wouldn’t believe how many I take start by looking absolutely dreadful. Check the photos below for evidence!

Before & After