Villefranche Food Market, Aveyron

On Thursday morning we were up and out of the hotel bright and early (8.30am in fact) to be sure that we could join all of the locals in enjoying the traditional market packed with cheeses, bread, mushrooms and every kind of vegetable and fruit possible to be grown in the area.

With it being so early in the morning the mist was falling over all of the medieval buildings dotted around the town square, I instantly became rather jealous of all of the locals who get to buy their groceries in such an incredible setting in comparison to myself who only has the local supermarket.

Apart from our group there wasn’t a tourist in sight so if you’re ever near the area or want to visit a truly traditional French food market than this is definitely one to put on your list, though you will probably end up wanting to take a truck load of food back home with you as I did.

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