Soulages Museum and Café Bras, Aveyron

For our last day in Rodez, we took a trip to the Soulages museum which was ultra modern and minimalist both outside and in. When it comes to design and art, I am a great lover of simplicity over intricacy so this was most definitely the place for me.

After having a good look around the museum we headed to Café Bras which is located as part of the same building. It’s a rather fancy fine dining restaurant that was created by the famous chef Michel Bras, who owns another restaurant in the region which has been awarded three michelin stars. Table reservations at Café Bras are high in demand and you will need to book around two weeks in advance, that being said, prices aren’t sky high and you can easily get a great meal here without breaking the bank.

To start; roquefort cheese and aubergine soufflé with green salad and edible flowers. This was one of the best starters I’ve ever had and left me wanting to steal the plate next to me so that I could eat it all over again.

Main course; quinoa and chickpea salad with beetroot, sweet potato, edible flowers and a poached egg.

Dessert; chocolate tart with mascarpone cream.

We were also welcome into the kitchen to take some photos and to watch all of the action unfold. The chefs and staff were all so nice about it and actually wanted us to be in there which goes to show how the place has just the right balance between being fancy without being at all snooty.

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