turning twenty

On Friday I turned 20 and am now officially no longer a teenager, damn you time. As much as I dread getting older I’ve now decided it’s a good age to be and I can just wash away the bad sides of being a teen. On a more positive note, I woke up to the most delicious breakfast of fresh crossiants with fortnum and mason strawberry and champagne jam, fresh strawberries and orange juice. 

My cake, from Patisserie Valiere, was the most delicious light sponge filled with french vanilla cream and fresh strawberries. We’ve made a rule in this house to only ever have french birthday cakes after I had the most incredible cake for my 18th in Paris, no type of cake ever compares to these. If you know of anyone with a birthday coming up then you simply must check out their website, you can customise any kind of cake even down to which kind of fruit, cream and sponge you desire along with a custom message and choice in ribbon colour. I think my mum did a great job with her choices.

I was even treated to this incredible breakfast which included Fortnum and Mason strawberry and champagne jam, fancy indeed.

I love to have a crazy and eclectic mixture of wrapping paper, the peacock feather version was definitely my favourite.

Onto the gifts and I’d been spoilt good and proper again this year. I asked for these Topshop boots as I knew they were in the sale at a great price, they are currently down from £65 to just £20 so get them while you can! They are incredibly comfy and I can’t wait to dress them up with jeans and a white tee. The bag is from Warehouse and was also in the sale (what a great daughter I am) reduced to £24 from £32, the style reminds me a lot of the Rebecca Minkoff cross body bags. I also asked for a purple lipstick, just because.

I was treated to a big box of goodies from Lush, you can’t beat getting lovely bath goodies for your birthday. My favourite chocolates also made an appearance but this year round in a bumper sized box, not only is it essential to drink champagne on a birthday but it must be consumed in chocolate form too of course. My mum struck gold with the genius idea of this scandinavian design book, she definitely gets a lot of cool points for that present idea. Another item from the sales that I put on my list was this pair of slip on shoes from Dune, they are ridiculously comfy and will be perfect to wear with jeans once I start university in a few months time. They wear an absolute steal at £35 down from £75 (they are now just £30 on the website!).

My main and most exciting gift was without a doubt this Longchamp handbag, I ask for one each year as they are just so practical and fit everything in. I already have both a berry red and cobalt blue version so I’m really pleased to now have one that will go with nearly all outfits. I looked at asking for the black colour at first but decided on the Fusil colour and I think it looks so much nicer. I’m a huge fan of playsuits and spotted this one from Monki to add to my collection, it’s such good quality and looks designer in my eyes. It’s a great fit too and flatters the body perfectly, and guess what, once again it is in the sale at £18 down from £25, not that you would believe it by looking at it.

Last but not least are these above the knuckle rings from a brand called Me and Zena, these make the perfect birthday gift as they have a birthstone embedded and a little note about it too. You can’t see just how lovely the little ruby coloured gem looks from this photo but I will be sure to post some photos on Instagram soon.