tomato and red pepper soup

Tomato soup is just the best comfort food in the whole world, especially for days like today where it hasn’t stopped raining outside. You all probably know by now that I have an obsession with sweet pointed peppers so obviously I had to include them in the recipe too, the soup is incredibly easy to make and also works out so cheap at price per portion. I decided to use a couple of cloves from an oak  smoked garlic bulb that I bought from the garlic farm back on the isle of wight which made the soup taste incredible. It’s absolutely essential to use plum tomatoes instead of the regular kind as they have much softer seeds which don’t taste at all gritty in the soup (plus they taste tons better). 

1 white onion
3 sweet pointed red peppers
500g plum tomatoes
3 garlic cloves
2tbsp tomato purée
2tsp tabasco
2 cups of vegetable stock

Start off by slicing the tops off the peppers and then straight down the middle, scoop the seeds out and then cut your tomatoes in half and place everything cut side down onto a deep baking tray. Cut the onion up into rough chunks and keep the garlic cloves whole then throw those in too. Use enough olive oil to give everything a good coating and sprinkle with chunky salt and pepper. 

After around 40 minutes in an oven at 190°c everything should be starting to blacken and the tomato skins should be peeling away, all you have to do now is pop the garlic out of the skin and pour everything into a large pan.

Now is the most important part of the recipe, use a blender to whizz the soup up for as long as it takes until it’s completely smooth and creamy. Then add a few shakes of tabasco, you can go as spicy as you like it, along with around a tablespoon of caster sugar, tomato puree and a few cups of stock mixture.

It isn’t proper tomato soup unless you add a good spoonful of creme fraiche too. This recipe makes enough for around four people but if you have leftovers then just store in the freezer until it’s a rainy soup day again.