devil’s food chocolate fudge cakes

I initially hadn’t planned to write up a post on these as I wasn’t expecting that they’d turn out half as good as they did, but after my first bite of one of these babies I felt the need to share just how good they are. Imagine the huge chocolate fudge cake from the film Matilda, these are exactly the same but in cupcake form. They are the ugly sister to pretty neat vanilla iced cupcakes, but who cares because they taste so damn good. I used the Betty Crocker Devil’s Food Cake Mix (yes I’m a cheat) and shared the mixture out between muffin cases instead of forming a cake. They take around 15 minutes in the oven but you know when they are ready as the tops of the cakes will have dents in making them look like muffins. Once they come out of the oven allow them to cool before spreading on the chocolate fudge icing, this part is messy but you can probably get them to look neat if you really want to. My cakes turned out as light as a feather making them not at all heavy or sickly tasting, I’m not the biggest chocolate cake lover but since these were so fluffy I absolutely loved them.