Isle of Wight, Cliff Climbing and Pizza Eating

Slight change of plan with my Isle of Wight posts, I’m now going to mash everything together in an effort to make better sense than naming the posts by day which I got behind track with. I’m not all that creative with blog post titles but I will give it a shot from here on out. Yesterday the sunshine was still as bright as ever on the island so we headed to the beach once again, this time was Compton Bay, which had lots of rocks to climb (pose) on.

After an hour or so we then headed to Freshwater Bay which is a more built up and cleaner looking beach. I’d say that Compton Bay is more suited for rustic winter walks whereas Freshwater Bay is much more ideal for sunbathing and popping for an ice cream. For some reason the only photos I got here were of Milo, clearly I got distracted by his sweet little face.

In the evening we headed to The Garden Restaurant at Farringford after spotting on tripadvisor that they do wood fired pizzas, god bless the internet. It was a beautiful evening and the weather was still scorching hot making the deserted pool on the site so tempting to dive into.

The restaurant itself is in a wooden out building just across from the pool and has seating both in and outdoors. Both our pizzas we absolutely spot on, I’ve been craving a proper Italian pizza ever since summer began and this was the best I’ve had in recent memory. If you are ever on the island and love pizza as much as I do then definitely pay them a visit, the staff are super friendly too.

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