isle of wight | boat trip and sweet factory

The weather for my last day on the Isle of Wight was unfortunately absolutely terrible in contrast to the days before, hello rain and goodbye sunshine. I didn’t let that stop me from wearing the brightest trousers that I could find in my suitcase though. We hopped on a little boat which took us right up to the needles (I’ve mentioned these a time or two in some of my older posts) which was well worth doing even on a wet and windy day.

Just some info on my outfit above; the trousers are vintage, shoes are converse, watch is michael kors, handbag is longchamp and the blazer is from quiz.

After the boat trip we got on the chair lift once again and headed for the sweet manufactory where they give live demonstrations on how boiled sweets are made, if any of you watch ‘how it’s made’ on tv then you’d be in your element just as I was.

This is my last Isle of Wight post until I return around September time, hope you’ve enjoyed them!