summer city break travel essentials

I’m heading off to Paris and Switzerland next week for a few days and with that in mind thought I’d put up a little post including some of my travel essentials. My iPad is a godsend for any long distance travelling, I usually use it to catch up with youtube videos, to send emails and to play hayday, yeah I’m one of those virtual farm addicts. I use the Michael Kors iPad clutch bag as it keeps the iPad nice and safe but also adjusts to lots of positions so works as a stand too, genius. To keep my passport, train tickets and any other important bits and pieces in is where this suede pouch by Hayches comes in so handy, it’s the perfect size and means that everything is quickly accessible. Another of my travel essentials is a black Moleskine pocket notebook, you never know when you need to take notes and information down and it looks really chic too. Lately I haven’t been able to put my Maui Jim Mavericks down, they are simply perfect in this hot weather and are always in my handbag. Beauty wise, I love to have a mini sized Avene Eau Thermale to give my skin a refreshing spritz throughout the day and if I find my skin is becoming oily looking then I use a DHC blotting paper to get rid of any shine. I like to keep a EOS lip balm in my handbag too as they are so easy and quick to apply thanks to the genius packaging. If you’re out all day in the heat then check out Halo wipes too, these are the deodorising version which are like having an emergency shower in a packet. I will be posting real soon on what I get up to on my trip so keep an eye out for those posts too!