Milo’s First Bath

I’ve always hated the regular version of dog shampoo, it usually smells like toilet cleaner and does barely anything to improve the softness of a pup’s coat which is why whenever either of my dogs has a bath they are always washed with the good stuff! Luckily Milo was treated to some lovely products from scruffychops for his very first dog bath and I was so impressed with how brilliantly they worked.

The ‘sugar doggy’ shampoo, which has a brown sugar scent, creates a silky lather that smells so delicious I became a little envious of his bath time. This worked so well at giving Milo’s fur a real deep clean and was then followed by the ‘muddy marvelous’ conditioner which felt so thick and luxurious that it rivals many of my own deep conditioners.

Once out of the bath (and filled with a couple of treats for being such a good boy) his fur was noticeably shinier and a million times softer, plus he now smells almost edible. Before having his first bath Milo seemed to be getting very dry fur which is now feeling completely nourished and silky soft. The packaging of the products made them super easy to use and dispense product whilst he was trying to escape from the bath too which made the whole job far easier. I will definitely be getting these again once we run out as they work so well, and look good in the bathroom too!


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