the isle of wight | day one

On the Isle of Wight I have yet again been blessed with the most beautiful weather I could have asked for, it’s been super sunny and warm enough to not have to be wrapped up in a coat. I spent my first morning playing on the beach with my family’s black and white spaniel called Max, he’s the most playful little fella ever.

Later on in the day at sunset we headed off to the needles park which is a little amusement park on top of the cliff with an amazing view of the sea and the isle of wight needles. Out of season it has an eery, broken down feel and you can walk around without spotting another person. I made the most of that fact and hopped on a horse on the merry-go-round but subsequently fell off in a rather unladylike manor and bruised most of my leg. 

I will put up a post on day two very soon, hope you are all enjoying the sunshine too!