Birthday Break

A couple of days ago was my 19th birthday so I headed off to stay at Ickworth House for a few days and was blessed with non-stop sunshine and had the most chilled time that I’ve had in years. I’ve just got home and writing this post is making me wish I was still there! I’m going to write up about the Hotel and estate itself but for now here’s some photos of what I got up to.

A beautiful mix up of wrapping paper..

Playing (posing) in the garden..

 Homemade Pimms and a beautiful French patisserie birthday cake..

Heading out for my birthday meal..

Catching some rays down by the pond on day two..

The lodge house that we were staying in..

We said no to expensive room service and yes to a Chinese takeaway..

Before going out on the second night and looking like a human orange highlighter pen..

 Ickworth House..

Wellies for the little ones..

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