jalapeño poppers recipe

Today I had a go at cooking up some Jalapeño poppers for the first time so thought I’d share the recipe with you all. If you haven’t heard of these before they are whole chillies filled with gooey cheese and covered in breadcrumbs then deep fried and are usually served with chilli jam or sauce. In terms of heat I’d probably rate them at about a 6/10, Jalapeño chillies tend to be rather mild but it just depends on which ones you get.

Ingredients – 

mozerella and cheddar grated cheese – plain flour – breadcrumbs – Jalapeño chillies – soft cream cheese – two eggs – vegetable oil for frying

For the next step mix together the cheeses, it’s really personal preference on what quantity of each cheese you use, for a more creamy filling use mainly cream cheese but for a stringy filling just use more of the grated cheese. I then like to put the mix into the microwave for twenty seconds of so to make sure that the mixture is soft enough to push into the chillies. 

To get the cheese mixture into the hollow chilli peppers you can either use a teaspoon, a pastry bag or just get messy and use your fingers, it really doesn’t matter as long as you make sure that you try to push as much filling in as possible without it overflowing. 

Next up lay out your beaten eggs, breadcrumbs and plain flour in separate dishes on a clean work surface and start dipping the chillies in each. The stalks are really useful here as it means your fingers don’t get too messy but just make sure that they don’t snap off. 

After you have done all of the steps above it’s really important to then dip your chillies in the egg and breadcrumbs once more to make sure that they are as coated as possible and don’t fall apart when frying.

Once your oil is heated up gently lower the poppers into the pan and let them bubble away until golden brown, making sure to turn them often so that they cook evenly on all sides. You want the temperature of the oil to be around 190°c if possible so that they cook perfectly but if you don’t have a cooking thermometer (who does) then just try to make the oil hot enough so that they cook properly inside but not so hot that they burn on the outside either.

After a couple of minutes in the hot oil your chilli poppers should be ready, take them out and drain off excess oil by placing them on kitchen roll. You can either serve them straight away or store them in the fridge or freezer to reheat in the oven later on. They stay hot for around 10 minutes or so as most of the heat is on the inside of the popper. Serve with Nando’s Peri-Peri sauce or sweet chilli dipping sauce.