shoe storage

As many girls will know, finding a good spot to store your most treasured pairs of designer heels can be a challenge, especially with limited space in your bedroom. No fashion follower in their right mind would want to spend big dollar on a beautiful pair of Louboutins and simply throw them in the back of your wardrobe and hope for the best. Such shoes need to be proudly on display and stored neatly out of harms way, which is where the Box Base Shoe Cabinet comes in handy. This simple yet classic looking unit will keep all of your prized heels on show and as the units come in so many shapes and sizes will fit in a small space in a flat or would make a great feature for a walk in wardrobe. The cabinets are all affordable in price and costs just £49 for 12 shoe boxes that are designed to fit the units perfectly. Personally I’d go for the white versions as I think they would make the shoes enclosed in the boxes stand out more and overall looks more chic. It’s also worth noting that the cabinets and storage boxes currently all have around 1/3 off their original price so are definitely worth checking out.

Box Base Set VI Shoe Cabinet – £439

Box Base Set II Shoe Cabinet – £239.00

To have a browse at the different shoe storage options available, check out the Fashion For Home website. They also sell other types of really lovely furniture and have a sleek website that is really easy to navigate.

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