January 13, 2018

wicked kitchen plant based food range at tesco

Wicked Kitchen Plant Based Food Range at Tesco

Last January, I decided to sack in dairy and from there on have progressively ditched all animal products from my diet. Since then, Ben and Jerry's blessed us with three flavours of dairy free ice cream, Pizza Hut came out with a vegan cheese option and this month Wicked Kitchen joined forces with Tesco to launch 20 plant based products, from ready meals to pizzas and sandwiches. 

If you're already vegan, are curious about giving it a go or simply want to cut down on animal products, the whole range has changed the game for anyone who thinks being vegan means a life on bland salads. Wicked Kitchen have absolutely nailed it at making plant based food exciting for all customers. 

Wicked Kitchen Plant Based Food Range at Tesco
Wicked Kitchen Plant Based Food Range at Tesco

So far I've tried out the BBQ Butternut Mac, Muay Thai Curry, Kung Fu Bowl, Hoi Sin Mushroom Wrap and Smashin' Pumpkin Falafel Sandwich. I've been seriously impressed with everything I've given a go and would without a doubt buy them all again. The quality of each meal has been seamless; the ingredients taste super fresh, the flavours are complex and they're all substantial portion sizes enough to fill you up. It's tricky to pick a favourite, but the Muay Thai Curry is phenomenal and tastes as if it has just been served up in a fancy Thai restaurant. 

The ready meals come in at £4, salads £3.50 and wraps/sandwiches £3, making it completely affordable to stock up on a few at the start of the week. I'll be replacing a few of my lazier and less healthy meals that I rely on for a quick fix throughout the week with these as they're such a great option for nutritious food in a hurry. 

If you fancy having a nosey at the full range or ordering some to try, get over to the Tesco website here