October 08, 2017

skincare sunday (01)

Current favourite skincare products.

Since ditching my beauty blog, I've missed typing up my skincare sunday posts and have been compiling a collection of favourites to share. I've somehow managed to feature three cleansers in this one post, but as I've been interchanging them through the last few weeks had to give each a well-deserved mention. 


I often find myself switching back and forth between my clarisonic and foreo luna, but have recently been favouring the luna. Used alongside pixi glow mud cleanser, my skin gets a deep clean like never before. As there's no swapping brush heads, it's more hygienic than the clarisonic and in the long run is much cheaper too.

Whilst on holiday in Croatia, I used this each and every night after a long day in the sun. It instantly cools down the skin and soothes any slight burns. My tan ended up looking the best I've ever had and I'm convinced it was down to the hydration that this gave to my skin. It's a gel-like light cream texture and sinks into the skin instantly, leaving only a silky veil rather than a greasy layer. I'll be taking a bottle away with me each and every year from now on. 


Recently I've been looking more and more into the ingredients of products that I'm using, which all started with hours worth of research on aluminium in deodorant and it's connection to cancer. We sweat to release toxins from the body, then aluminium comes along and harbours those toxins inside the body by blocking pores. I can't stress enough how important it is to ditch deodorant containing aluminium, you'll also notice your underarms feeling much softer and less dry as a result too. I used to opt for a 24hr extra strength version but now find that this Neal's Yard alternative does the trick instead.     

If I could only take one skincare product to a desert island, it would be this. Built with 12 forms of hyaluronic acid compounds, the serum delivers the most intense form of hydration to my skin that I've ever found in a skincare product. After applying this before I go to bed, I wake up with skin that looks as if I've just come back from a facial. Anything that makes me look less of a zombie in the morning is a winner by me.

You can put whatever you like on your skin, but if what's going in your body is out of whack then you'll get nowhere. If you have problem skin, consider giving up meat and dairy and limiting sugar intake. After researching hours into the night on probiotics, and since I've been taking them for the last month or so, I'm convinced that anyone and everyone should be taking one a day. They boost the good bacteria in your gut and will help to improve your immunity and to clear up your skin.

Since ditching dairy, I rarely get a breakout and I can now get away with a light wash of foundation without concealer. On the rare occasion that a spot crops up, I reach straight for this cleanser and notice that it does away with any excess oil or angry skin right away. 


If I'm feeling extra fancy, or I'm staying in a cosy hotel for the night, I'll go for this cleansing balm over all others. It's a mini-facial in a jar and gives a deep and thorough clean to make-up laden skin. This is the steam cleaner of the cleanser world.   


The thought of double cleansing always seems like a faff and too much of an effort when all you want to do is jump straight into bed. That being said, having two cleansers raring to go in one jar is a genius move and has got me into the habit of using both every evening. The cleansing oil whips off even waterproof make-up in a flash, while the cream finishes the job and adds back moisture.

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