June 26, 2014

isle of wight | the garlic farm

Yesterday I took a trip to The Garlic Farm which was on the other side of the island to where I'm staying so I got to see lots of the coast in the sunshine along the way. I've never been the biggest fan of garlic in the past and have only come to enjoy it in recent years, but that being said I seem to have an addiction for garlic bread at the moment so was keen to buy some fresh garlic to use for that reason. The farm has garlic beds where you can see all the different varieties growing, along with farm animals (the cutest baby calves ever!) and a shop with a restaurant area too. 

The shop is filled with all kinds of garlic sauces, dressings, fresh bulbs and even beers, all made by the farm itself. They also sell everything online too, just incase you aren't on the Isle of Wight anytime soon.


  1. melissa \\ fashion fixx26 June 2014 at 17:26

    oh wow, I love garlic and this place looks so cool! I will just have to visit soon.. (:

  2. This looks like a lovely day out! it's nice to do something a little different!


  3. Wow what an amazing place! I love garlic (I'm portuguese and we use garlic in almost every meal possible) so I know I would buy so many things from their little store! I really did enjoy this post! xxx