July 25, 2013

mina tic tack toe dress

A couple of days ago I received an ever so beautiful cream ruffle dress from Mina to feature on my blog and instantly fell in love. Even though it's very short it still retains a delicate feminine shape and with the beaded neckline is perfect for dressing up with heels or dressing down with sandals. I hadn't ironed down the ruffles so they are a bit wilder looking than usual and look quite weighty on my frame but I quite like how it looking less structured. Definitely check out the Mina website, they have tons of lovely pieces that I'm already eyeing up, and this dress also comes in a blue colour too. Don't forget to use the discount code: MINABLOGGER15 for 15% off all orders too!


  1. Love the beaded neckline on this, so pretty. x

  2. You realy look awesome! Love this beautifull dress!