July 26, 2013

floral vintage silk dress

Look who's starting to put effort into her outfit posts again. It's been a long time since I was into fashion blogging properly but I think I'm getting the hang of it again slowly but surely. I got this vintage silk dress a couple of years ago from an antique shop and just love everything about it, from the delicate floral pattern to the cuffed sleeves. I wore it with my Daniel Wellington watch and Vivienne Westwood ballet pumps, I always keep my accessories simple when a dress is so pretty that it speaks for itself.

July 25, 2013

mina tic tack toe dress

A couple of days ago I received an ever so beautiful cream ruffle dress from Mina to feature on my blog and instantly fell in love. Even though it's very short it still retains a delicate feminine shape and with the beaded neckline is perfect for dressing up with heels or dressing down with sandals. I hadn't ironed down the ruffles so they are a bit wilder looking than usual and look quite weighty on my frame but I quite like how it looking less structured. Definitely check out the Mina website, they have tons of lovely pieces that I'm already eyeing up, and this dress also comes in a blue colour too. Don't forget to use the discount code: MINABLOGGER15 for 15% off all orders too!

July 13, 2013

birthday break

A couple of days ago was my 19th birthday so I headed off to stay at Ickworth House for a few days and was blessed with non-stop sunshine and had the most chilled time that I've had in years. I've just got home and writing this post is making me wish I was still there! I'm going to write up about the Hotel and estate itself but for now here's some photos of what I got up to.

A beautiful mix up of wrapping paper..
Playing (posing) in the garden..
 Homemade Pimms and a beautiful French patisserie birthday cake..

 Heading out for my birthday meal..
Catching some rays down by the pond on day two..

The lodge house that we were staying in..
We said no to expensive room service and yes to a Chinese takeaway..
Before going out on the second night and looking like a human orange highlighter pen..
 Ickworth House..
Wellies for the little ones..

July 10, 2013

super low fat courgette pizza squares

I thought I'd get my geek on and post up a low fat recipe that I've been loving lately, I'm a complete pizza addict and find this the perfect alternative to a takeaway. I've been using the Warbutons Square Wraps for the pizza bases which makes them far less stodgy, is much lighter tasting and of course lower in calories. 

The first step is to grill up some thinly sliced Courgette and set it aside to add to the pizza later on.

Then spread the Tomato and Basil sauce over the base, you want to use enough so that the pizza won't be dry but you don't want it soggy either so don't go overboard. Avoid the edges too as then they will crisp up just like a proper pizza.

Next add on thin slices of Mozzarella but make sure it isn't too wet as it will make the pizza soggy which is not what you want.

Pop your pizza in a hot oven and wait for the Mozzarella to melt and allow the pizza to crisp up before putting on the courgette otherwise it will become too watery. 

Finally get the courgette on there, add a few leaves of Basil and use the grill setting on the oven so that the Mozzarella bubbles up and the Courgette heats through.

Finito. I always find that one pizza square is filling enough on it's own or with a salad for a lunch or tea time meal, I calculated that they come in at around 300 calories which is pretty much 1/5 of the calories than in a medium Dominos pizza. Let me know if you will try these pizzas out!