April 01, 2013

& other stories


Recently I had a little shop over on the & Other Stories website, I'm sure that you will have all heard of the brand now but if not it's a high street label brought together by the brains behind H&M and Cos. The prices are pretty mixed which I like as it means there is a lot of variety and different options depending on your budget. I got an offer for free delivery and the package arrived within a few days, the box that my order came in had little packages and envelopes along with tissue paper inside containing separate items. I went for a pair of golden rhinestone drop earrings which I absolutely love, they were a little expensive but the quality reflects that. Next up I picked up two lace t-shirt bras, these feel so comfy yet look beautiful on, I'd definitely recommend them but be careful of the sizing. I had a browse in the beauty section too which was filled with so many products that I'm now lusting over, I was very restrained and only went for a contour cream in the end which I can't wait to try.


  1. Eeeek- I love those earrings! x

  2. OMG love the earrings and the contour cream looks fab! Review? :)