March 16, 2013

cupcake making

I've been wanting to try out the Wilton icing set that I got around Christmas time for absolutely ages and the other day I decided to have a go. For the first batch I went for bubblegum pink icing, baring in mind this was the first time I had ever attempted at icing cupcakes 'professionally' they didn't turn out too bad. I worked out that I had made the icing slightly too thick and was making the job more difficult than it needed to be so the next day I had a go at another lot and focused on making the icing light and creamy. I make cupcakes the lazy way and use a stand mixer, my hand would probably drop off otherwise! I definitely recommend getting yourself the icing kit, it's super cheap and you can use the bags inside many times. Also check out the baking aisle of your local supermarket for decorations and dyes that are usually on offer. If you are wanting to learn how to ice them properly, YouTube has tons of videos.


  1. You did so well, they look awesome, and yummy I'm sure :) YUM XX

  2. You've done such a good job, so pretty, good work! xx

  3. They look so good. If you make cakes a lot you should check out the dual icing set from lakeland. Its under £5 and you get all the nozzles and the bags hold 2 colours at a time so the icing always looks really impressive :)xx xx

  4. Woooow, gorgeous! I love the pink icing, it looks like rose petals! I think the best bits of making cakes are deffo the making and eating, haha!

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  5. These are the cutest cupcakes ever! I need to make them!

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  6. These look super professional, I need this in my life!

    Sarah xx

  7. yummy!! i like doing it also <3

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  8. This post is yummy! :)
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