January 04, 2013

antique hunting

A couple of days ago I decided to try my hand at antique shopping and headed to a couple of local antique fairs and warehouses. It's something that I've always had an interest in and I really love to have look at antique furniture even if I don't purchase anything on the day, taking a few sneaky shots on my iPhone is a great way to be able to store lots of ideas and inspiration. In terms of price ranges it completely depends on where you are shopping, for example you could pick up something in a charity shop for a fraction of the price that shops specialising in antiques would price it at. All in all it just comes down to a bit of luck and a good eye when shopping for antiques but is definitely something that everyone should have a go at.

A couple of items that I've recently picked up are this beautiful opalescent glass bowl for £17 which I think looks amazing on my dressing table to store gold jewellery in and secondly this gold vintage Dior necklace which I got for around £70.


  1. that bowl is so cool wow. i really must go try antique shopping! xx

  2. Love the Dior necklace! It's gogrgeous!

  3. This shop is so amazing . And this dior necklace is splendid.
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  4. gorgeous photos!!!
    maybe you would like to follow each other ? just let me know !!