January 28, 2013

a night in kensington

For the last few years I've travelled to London for either business or pleasure and every now and then I like to find myself a nice hotel to stay in for a couple of nights. Luckily this time round my mum used her loyalty points (from using Priority Club Rewards) meaning that we had a free nights stay at the Crowne Plaza in Kensington, and the best part was we got upgraded on arrival to a suite with a balcony. The room was amazing as you can tell from the photos below, it usually costs around £225 a night if booked well in advance but I think it would be the perfect idea for Valentines or to spilt the cost with your friends and have a shopping weekend. Otherwise a standard room at the hotel costs around £150 per night which is a little easier to consider. The suite had the comfiest and largest bed that I've ever slept in, it was pretty much the size of two doubles merged together and left me feeling that I never wanted to leave. There is also a kitchenette that included cooking appliances but this wasn't necessary for us as we were only staying for one night. The desk in the corner of the room made for the perfect blogging station and was perfect for a make up dresser in the morning too.

The balcony is most definitely the biggest selling point of this room, it is absolutely huge and plenty big enough to have a mini party on. With views over Kensington straight ahead and St. Pauls in the distance it was the perfect area to relax and sip on cocktails.

The bathroom had a luxurious feel however wasn't anything to write home about, the bath was deep enough for a relaxing soak and the rain shower was pretty cool but nothing too special. The best part of this room was definitely the complimentary Aromatherapy Associates products, definitely the way to please a beauty blogger!

Obviously I had to make a cheeky order for room service (all in the name of blogging of course) and dined on a cheese and tomato baguette with chunky chips. Nothing too glamourous but I have to say the chips were the best I have ever tasted, so crispy and fluffy. On the other hand I wasn't such a fan of the hefty £3.65 tray charge and £6 odd cost of the baguette.

Last but not least I thought I'd give a little mention to some interesting places to visit nearby. The Natural History Museum is but a ten minute walk away and a little further along the same road is the V&A Museum followed by Harrods just around the corner. Definitely all well worth checking out!

Hope you all enjoyed this post, do let me know if you'd like to see more travel/hotel review posts on my blog too.

January 21, 2013

snow is falling


I've been horribly ill for a few weeks so haven't had a chance to play out in the snow until today, and walking out of the house into a Winter wonderland was beautiful. I really just wish that all of Winter time was full of snow, I don't have to travel for work luckily so I'm a lover not a hater. Any excuse to put on my Hunter wellies and throw snowballs at my dog and I'm out of the door like a shot.

January 14, 2013

giveaway: innocent smoothies and juices

The lovely people over at Innocent recently sent over a stash of vouchers to myself to use on some smoothies, juices and fruit tubes to kick start my healthy eating of January. After Christmas time I'm pretty sure you will all know what I'm talking about when I say we all feel a bit sluggish and out of sorts which means there is no better time than to adopt a healthy eating plan (especially after the couple of pounds put on from Christmas dinner). Luckily the vouchers couldn't of come at a better time for me as I've been in bed ill for the last couple of days so sent my Mum out to pick up a trolley full of juices.

The thing that Innocent are famed for most are their smoothies, for the reasons that they are beyond yummy and equally as healthy. I've been stocking my fridge up with these for years now and used to always take a lunch box sized version with me to school when I was younger. My favourite of the bunch at the moment has to be the kiwis, apples and limes version as I love the slightly sharp taste coming from the lime and bitter kick from the nettle extract.

My next favourite product by Innocent are their juices, for obvious reasons. They are just as tasty as the smoothies but are more drinkable down to being more water based compared to the thickness of the smoothies. They go great with a dash of vodka for an alcoholic drink but as I'm on a health kick I'm trying to stay away from alcohol this month.

Last but not least your vouchers can also buy you some fruit tubes from the Innocent range. These may look like yoghurts however they are in fact a slightly thicker/more condensed version of the smoothies but in tube form, making them ideal for on the go.

The giveaway prize is a ton of vouchers to the value of £26 all together, I personally found that this is enough for around a month's supply in my household. I still had vouchers left after purchasing all of the products above, so the winner will most definitely have a fridge full of tastiness. All you have to do to enter is use the little gadget below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Check out the Beat Jan activities Innocent have over on their website (www.innocentdrinks.co.uk) Tone and hone your bottom with the Buns of Steel workout, feel great with the Dot of Positivity or simply Click Yourself Happy - there are lots of useful ways to give your soul a good work out too.

January 04, 2013

antique hunting

A couple of days ago I decided to try my hand at antique shopping and headed to a couple of local antique fairs and warehouses. It's something that I've always had an interest in and I really love to have look at antique furniture even if I don't purchase anything on the day, taking a few sneaky shots on my iPhone is a great way to be able to store lots of ideas and inspiration. In terms of price ranges it completely depends on where you are shopping, for example you could pick up something in a charity shop for a fraction of the price that shops specialising in antiques would price it at. All in all it just comes down to a bit of luck and a good eye when shopping for antiques but is definitely something that everyone should have a go at.

A couple of items that I've recently picked up are this beautiful opalescent glass bowl for £17 which I think looks amazing on my dressing table to store gold jewellery in and secondly this gold vintage Dior necklace which I got for around £70.