December 31, 2012

chanel sweater and hunter wellies


For Christmas I was lucky enough to receive a Vivienne Westwood necklace and Hunter wellies from my wonderful Mum and for obvious reasons couldn't wait to pair them together for an outfit post. I'm starting to try and use my fashion brain a bit more as to put more effort into the outfits I put together rather than just throwing on whatever is nearest, a sin that I'm regularly guilty of. I whipped out my handmade Chanel sweater that I designed a couple of years ago, I may do a 'how to' post on this if anyone is interested.

Hope you all have an amazing New Year.

December 26, 2012

christmas time

Hope you've all had a truly amazing Christmas so far, I've been lounging on the sofa watching lots of Disney films and eating copious amounts of chocolate after stuffing myself to the brim with Christmas dinner. All I need now is for lots of snow to fall and everything will be perfect.

December 17, 2012

mcqueen on green


Apologies for the excessive pouting in these pictures, I can't seem to help myself. Yesterday I went to do some Christmas shopping and wore an emerald green batwing jumper along with my Alexander McQueen silk scarf and as ever my disco pants. This outfit was kind of put together by accident but I think it all went together really nicely, especially with my brown vintage handbag.

December 13, 2012

christmas gift guide

Over the past few weeks I've posted lots of beauty related ideas on my other site's gift guides, which you can find here, however I thought it would only be right to include a more varied gift guide on my lifestyle blog too. I've tried to include lots of different ideas for varying budgets and types of people from food to drink to gadgets and clothing. Sorry that the guide is being posted a little late but I had to wait for all of the items to arrive in the post, you still have time to order everything included on the post in time for Christmas though!

For the Foodie

Able and Cole have some wonderful offerings for any lover of food, if you are looking for gifts for a foodie then you need look no further than investing in one of their Christmas hampers. If you haven't already heard of the company before then I will just quickly fill you in, they deliver fruit and veg boxes but with a difference as you can pick and chose extras to include in the delivery from the website, ranging from organic frozen meals to fresh juices and much more. If you aren't sure of which hamper to pick as a gift then you could always give a voucher or veg box subscription.

For the Tea Lover


This gift pack by teapigs makes a perfect quirky gift for any tea enthusiast. I personally love to try out new variations of tea and find that there is a flavour to suit every mood amongst this set, be it a cup to satisfy chocolate cravings, a cup to calm and relax or wake you up with a hint of chilli.

The Christmas Chocolates


When it comes to chocolate, Montezuma's are one of my favourite brands and are usually the chocolate of choice amongst my family. The baubles are beautiful and look dazzling on the tree but will certainly disappear quickly. I'm currently nibbling on the snowmen whilst writing up this post and they are beyond yummy and really quite addictive.

For the Spirit Drinker


Christmas isn't Christmas without a few boozy drinks along the way, festive themed cocktails being my favourite. For a late night Winter warmer mix Bacardi Oakheart spiced rum with cola and serve with ice, for a fresh zingy cocktail try Russian Standard Gold Vodka mixed with cranberry juice and for a party drink have a go with mixing Malibu Snowcoco with pineapple juice. All of the spirits also make great gifts, as you can see the packaging of the bottles make them truly eye catching. My personal favourite of the bunch was a hard choice to make however the floating coconut flakes that look like snow in the bottle of the Malibu Snowcoco won me over, it's literally like peering into a snow globe.

For the Baker


For any girl that likes to bake without getting her kitchen too messy and involving lots of effort then this waffle stick maker is absolutely perfect. The machine is really compact and dainty in size meaning that it can be stored away easily and doesn't take up much space. In total it takes just under ten minutes to mix up the batter and cook a batch, there is also a booklet included that has both sweet and savoury recipe ideas inside.

The Do It Yourself Kits


For as long as I can remember I've always really wanted to make my own gingerbread house (and when I say make my own what I mean is construct one using a kit). Luckily this year I managed to get my hands on one so will be able to have a go. This would make a really great gift for kids as it will keep them occupied on Christmas day and boxing day. I also think that this cupcake decorating kit is a lovely idea for any keen baker and means that they can try out any fancying icing skills with ease.

For the Gamer

My absolute favourite gift idea included in this post has to be this Pacman ghost lamp, for obvious reasons. I'm an absolute nerd when it comes to anything that's bright and flashes but especially when it has a retro twist. Inside the box comes a mini remote control where you can pick different colours, dim the brightness and pick settings as to whether you want the colours to alternate. The coolest thing about the lamp is that it actually appears to be floating!

Stocking Fillers for Him


For any keen photographer, backing up their pictures is an absolute must. With technology so prone to going wrong these days it's essential to back up all of your photos or you can be in danger of losing them all forever. With this nifty USB style stick you can store up to 4,000 pictures and never have to worry about losing them again. Another great stocking filler is this tin of Tabasco spicy chocolate, it isn't your usual gift and I love the quirky packaging. Just make sure that the person you are giving it to can handle the heat!

Gifts for her

First off for my gift idea for the girls are these gorgeous sheepskin slippers by Shepherd, they feel super comfy and I really love the ice blue colour to them. These slippers in a beige colour are also currently half price on the New Look website, so get in there quick if you like them. Next up is this beautiful coral pin watch by Vega, it's super chunky which I absolutely love and even glows in the dark so is ideal for night time use also. Finally which girl wouldn't love the gift of the complete seasons of Desperate Housewives, this came through my door just the other day and gives me the perfect excuse to stay snuggled up in front of the television all Christmas.

Tree decoration gifts

Christmas tree decorations make lovely stocking fillers as they will be reused year after year and these felt versions by Cath Kidston definitely beat the typical naff baubles from the supermarket, I am a huge fan of the cute Christmas pudding.

Something for him

Last but not least on my gift guide is this lovely silk tie by French Connection, the quality is great and I really like the pheasant pattern. Any man can never have too many ties meaning this is a perfect gift for anyone that wears suits often.

December 12, 2012

jalapeño poppers recipe

Today I had a go at cooking up some Jalapeño poppers for the first time so thought I'd share the recipe with you all. If you haven't heard of these before they are whole chillies filled with gooey cheese and covered in breadcrumbs then deep fried and are usually served with chilli jam or sauce. In terms of heat I'd probably rate them at about a 6/10, Jalapeño chillies tend to be rather mild but it just depends on which ones you get.

Ingredients - 
mozerella and cheddar grated cheese - plain flour - breadcrumbs - Jalapeño chillies - soft cream cheese - two eggs - vegetable oil for frying

For the next step mix together the cheeses, it's really personal preference on what quantity of each cheese you use, for a more creamy filling use mainly cream cheese but for a stringy filling just use more of the grated cheese. I then like to put the mix into the microwave for twenty seconds of so to make sure that the mixture is soft enough to push into the chillies. 

To get the cheese mixture into the hollow chilli peppers you can either use a teaspoon, a pastry bag or just get messy and use your fingers, it really doesn't matter as long as you make sure that you try to push as much filling in as possible without it overflowing. 

Next up lay out your beaten eggs, breadcrumbs and plain flour in separate dishes on a clean work surface and start dipping the chillies in each. The stalks are really useful here as it means your fingers don't get too messy but just make sure that they don't snap off. 

After you have done all of the steps above it's really important to then dip your chillies in the egg and breadcrumbs once more to make sure that they are as coated as possible and don't fall apart when frying.

Once your oil is heated up gently lower the poppers into the pan and let them bubble away until golden brown, making sure to turn them often so that they cook evenly on all sides. You want the temperature of the oil to be around 190°c if possible so that they cook perfectly but if you don't have a cooking thermometer (who does) then just try to make the oil hot enough so that they cook properly inside but not so hot that they burn on the outside either.

After a couple of minutes in the hot oil your chilli poppers should be ready, take them out and drain off excess oil by placing them on kitchen roll. You can either serve them straight away or store them in the fridge or freezer to reheat in the oven later on. They stay hot for around 10 minutes or so as most of the heat is on the inside of the popper. Serve with Nando's Peri-Peri sauce or sweet chilli dipping sauce.

December 11, 2012

geek alert