June 17, 2011

omg tee

 OMG t-shirt - Topshop - £22
 Faded pink shorts - Topshop - £10

Apologies for lack of outfit posts lately. I just popped to Topshop as there is one ten mins from where I live, which is a godsend but can be a pain when I'm skint, and picked up these two beauties. when I've toned up for the summer I'm going to roll up the 'omg' top so that it's cropped with my leopard print bikini on for the beach, heaven. counting down the days til I'm off to Greece!

June 13, 2011


leopard print bandeau - asos

it's summer. which means time to lust after gorgeous bikinis! these are my favourites so far and luckily they are all fairly cheap. however seafolly will always be my favourite swimwear brand for obvious reasons and hopefully I will purchase another bikini by them soon. let me know if you have found any gems so far.

June 06, 2011

vintage shopping

A few weeks ago I had a wander around the best shop I have ever been in, literally. Judith Michael & Daughter is full of an eclectic range of both old and new brought together in a lovely little shop in the heart of Primrose Hill, I wish I could afford to buy the whole lot! I took a load of pictures so have a nosey..