March 14, 2011

handmade chanel hoodie

As far as today went I had to get up early for a blood test. I made a right deal of it and ended up fainting and being sick everywhere, mm lovely. The reason I was so nervy is because when I was a kid I had a jab in my leg and the muppet of a doctor broke the needle while it was in my leg. I really don't think there will be a normal day in the life of Jess. Please excuse the blatant posing and pouting in these pictures.. sigh. I made the Chanel logo hoodie myself a few months ago and I have to say I'm pretty proud! And if you guys are after one similar I'm going to start selling them again in just over a month when I open my online shop once again. Time to order a pizza and watch a good film..


  1. wow your jumper is really nice! :)
    your so talented !xxx

  2. the jumper is cute x

  3. i loveeeeeee your hoodie!!
    how did you do it?! it looks so nice.
    love your nails too :) great colour combo xx

  4. Love your nails :) your jumper is cool too xx check it out maybe? :)

  5. Love the hoodie!!!

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    XOXO Peggy

  6. Love the hoodie

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