January 17, 2011

vitamin water

I just thought I'd do a random post on my current obsession which is vitamin water. I've been drinking it by the gallon for about a year now and I adore it. At first I was a bit sceptical as I thought that they were just another one of those fad products that are just money down the drain but they are really quite the opposite. They have a mixture of different vitamins in each bottle depending on what kind of effect you are after and do a great job of perking you up after a night out or if you are a bit run down. I can honestly say that I can tell a difference in my mood after I've drank one of these as I feel a lot more awake and healthy. The packaging is ultra cool too so you won't look like a health freak popping vitamins all the time.

Defence - Raspberry & apple + zinc

This is currently one of my favourites as it has a really yummy fruity taste of raspberry & apple. The best one to drink when you are feeling a bit groggy and unwell.
Contains: vitamin c, vitamin b3, vitamin b5, vitamin b6, vitamin b12, & zinc.

Spark - Tropical citrus (b+guarana)

The best option for people at the office needing a good wake up. This one tastes refreshing and best served ice cold. Definitely take a bottle to work or school!
Contains: caffeine, vitamin c, vitamin b3, vitamin b5, vitamin b6 & vitamin b12.

Revive - Fruit punch (b vitamins + potassium)

This is my favourite one to drink at night as it is ideal when you just come home from work and want a little pick me up. The taste is nice and fruity but it won't wake you up too much as it's best to just restore your energy. 
Contains: vitamin c, vitamin b3, vitamin b5, vitamin b6, vitamin b12 & potassium.

Essential - Orange (c+calcium)

I find that this is the ultimate hangover cure or early morning wake me up drink. It tastes just like orange juice only a little sweeter to kick start your day. Definitely the most effective of the bunch but not my favourite taste. 
Contains: vitamin a, vitamin c, calcium, vitamin e, vitamin b3 (niacin), vitamin b5 (pantothenic acid), vitamin b6, vitamin b12 & potassium.

They also have really well written descriptions on the side to have a read of when you are waiting for your train or bored at work/college.

You can buy vitamin water from lots of shops that sell drinks/snacks but my favourite place to stock up and find the most flavour options is Waitrose. They cost around £1.42 per bottle and every now and then are on offer. My favourite bottle of all is dragon fruit which I will hopefully review soon along with the other three flavours which they sell.


  1. but they are all 26% of your daily intake of sugar! thats crazy! You probably feel better after drinking it because you're on such a sugar high. I haven't tried them because I'm so put off by how much sugar is in them xx

  2. @rubyredslippers30 hmm I guess so but I'm not sure if they are natural sugars or not. I don't really have much stuff with sugar in anyway so it doesn't bother me and the vitamins make up for that.

  3. i love vitamin water, the dragon fruit one is my fav too. i do sometimes worry about how much sugar is in it but at least theres loads of good vitamins in it to balance it out x

  4. I used to love them when I was working at a corner store and got them for free LOL!

    lovveee them!

    X Laila - EnvySplendour

  6. I don't know if I've ever notcied a difference drinking them but they are delish! Dragonfruit is my favourite x